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Rocky Mountains to Rocky Mount

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

One of the biggest questions I get as a new B&B owner is "How did you get here?"

I looked for property in Colorado for a few years and could not afford a B&B type home in Colorado. I slowly expanded my search using historical homes for sale websites as well as B&B sale sites. There were beautiful and affordable homes in Maine, Vermont, New York and Pennsylvania. Then I considered the climate in the area. HMMMM scratch those off the list.

Narrowing things down I found homes in Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. That's when the research came in. Who is my competition, what is in the area, laws and regulations. Rocky Mount and a small town in Kentucky showed promise. I also agreed to look at Virginia while I was in North Carolina.

The house that brought me to Rocky Mount was not the home I had traveled to see. My home was a last minute stop as I drove by with my realtor and said "I want to look at that house." She politely said "It's a little over budget" but followed up with magical words "not by much." During my trip I met 4 real estate agents, I looked in five cities, two states and saw nine properties. By the end of my weekend cyclone speed trip I was doing the plus and minus spreadsheet on two homes in Rocky Mount.

We will discuss moving, renovations and all there is to do in Rocky Mount in upcoming blogs. #newintown #followme

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